3 Keys To Blessing This Year

It's been my practice to ask the Lord for specific values, principles, and Scriptures that serve as a spiritual compass, helping me to navigate through the year. They are keys that unlock the plans, purposes, breakthroughs, and blessings of God.

For this year, the Holy Spirit showed me three specific keys. Obviously they are not exhaustive. Other values like hardwork and diligence, responsibility and stewardship, wisdom and discernment, are just as important keys to living a blessed life
                                          He is risen!

               CELEBRATE WITH US

He is risen!

He is not here;
he has risen, just as he said.
Come and see the place where he lay.
Today is the day! It’s finally here, Easter Sunday, the day that followers of Christ all over the world celebrate His resurrection. The Son of God who walked among us as a Son of Man was dead, but now He is alive again! The Bible says that Jesus made us holy by sacrificing Himself: one sacrifice for all time (Hebrews 10:5–14).

Happy Easter!

"Mighty Warrior, Come Out of the Pit!"

by Steve Porter, Bloomfield, NY
Dear Precious Ones,

One morning in prayer, I saw a giant pit that had trapped many people—a pit of despair, of sin, of compromise, of failure and hopelessness. Then I saw the Great Shepherd extend His hand to pull OUT desperate souls, giving them a second chance and making all things new!

I believe that in the Church there is coming a season of tremendous restoration and preparation, for God desires to restore all that the locust has eaten in your life! He will give you double for your trouble and turn your scars into stars reversing the curse. Let me emphasize here that this is a strategic season and we are not to squander or waste it

Ever since I had a born-again encounter with Jesus, I’ve had a deep, personal relationship with him. I know Jesus as an unconditional loving teacher, guide, and healer. I seek his guidance when I’m writing or speaking to an audience and for my personal life. I realize that some people unfortunately associate Jesus with hurtful experiences with organized religion; or with guilt or fear; or with patriarchal male energy; or as a mythical compilation of ancient sun deities.

Jesus isn’t a religion, he’s real and present for all who ask. He helps and loves everyone equally who calls upon him without judgment. He is non-denominational and
The Cross

The cross. Can you turn any direction without seeing one? Engraved on a ring or suspended on a chain? The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity.

An odd choice, don’t you think? It’s strange that a tool of torture embodies a movement of hope. Its design couldn’t be simpler. One beam horizontal, the other vertical. One reaches out, like God’s love. The other reaches up, as does God’s holiness. One represents the width of his love; the other the height of his holiness. The cross is
Why People Have No Faith Today

Faith is actually one of the strangest and strongest emotions of people. Faith is really important for us to grow our spirituality. Faith is mostly defined as the belief at something that doesn’t rest on material evidence or on logical proof. Thereby, the source of faith lies not within the human mind that always require evidence and logical explanations, but it lies on the “sixth sense” or “intuition” as well as “gut feeling” that always seem to have no any reason at all.
Losing Faith

Faith is synonymous to trust, however the degree of the latter is even much higher as compared to faith. Trust is mostly recognized with every person whereas faith contains much wider range or spectrum and this may include inanimate creation of human such as religions, principles, etc.
Therefore, thinking through its definition, faith
"It's All About the Oil: Word for March 2016"

The Lord began to speak to me concerning this time, and the significance of oil on several levels. He specifically said this would be a time of great release of His anointing and glory. He compared it to the pouring out of His oil. Oil is produced through a process of crushing, and it is the residue which comes as a result of the press of the olive.
The Oil of Prayer
I had a dream about oil. In the dream, the "oil of prayer" kept the people from a trouble that was trying to come upon them. As they prayed and prayed, the oil flowed. Suddenlies were happening everywhere. It was like prayer had a domino effect upon many situations at the same time. They seem to navigate through troubled
The Basics of spirituality

The meaning of spirituality means different things to every individual. It actually has various meanings depending on the person. For some people, spirituality is all about participating in an organized religion, attending church activities and going to a mosque, synagogue, church, etc.

For some other people, spirituality means something that is personal. Some individuals are getting in touch with their spiritual side by means of prayer, meditation, yoga, a quiet reflection and even long walks in a solemn place.
Whatever you believe and even think truthfully
7 Common Blocks To Abundance

The term Angels of Abundance refers to the particular angels who ensure that our Divine mission here on Earth isn’t hampered by lack. The angels know that we need material support to fulfill our life purpose, and they can help us with this support. There’s nothing wrong with asking Heaven to help us with our finances and other material necessities so that we can devote ourselves to helping and healing others. One very important fact that bears repeating is that all of us have the power within us to be as abundantly supported as we desire

Obstacles in Achieving Your Goal of Building Self-Confidence

Know what’s holding you back.

It’s great that you have decided to build your self-confidence. However, there are a few obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goal. Most of the time, these obstacles are so obvious that they do not seem like obstacles at all, and all you can see is that your resolve to be self-confident is not taking you anywhere. Therefore, it is important to become aware of these seemingly harmless obstacles that have all the power to stop you in your path. Let’s have a look at what could be the reasons that you are not moving ahead in top gear.

Are you undisciplined?

Some people simply have the talent to waste a lot of time without realizing it. They lack the self-discipline to stop their actions that waste time
Success and Commitment strategies for your personal life

Having goals to make your life, the way that you want it is important. You should think about the different levels of success that you want and how far you are willing to go after them. Think about all the different methods you can come up with so that you are using your best interest to be as successful aspossible. 

Being committed is going to be something that anyone who is serious about his or her success should do.  You need to be committed in life to thinking about all the different strategies that you can work up.  Are you are able to be strong and determinate in life to be a huge success? If so then, you are ready to take the next step in life. This step is going to be one that takes you over the top and gives you the ability to be as successful as possible
The Power Of Willpower and Self Determination

Do you ever wonder why you make the same mistakes repeatedly? Have you pondered over why you felt stuck when you tried to change a behavior pattern? Do not feel alone many people are in this same position. Many people have habitual behaviors, and struggle to fight through the negative chaos resulting from the behavior.

Often when people desire to change a behavior, they first must make a conscious decision. The final choice is what determines the results. When are ready to make that decision, consider building self-determination and willpower. The combination
Awake! Arise! Abound! You Have a Birthright!

I heard the Lord say, "I am about to break out across this nation. There is a break out about to take place across this land. There are pockets of revival being birthed across the nation. Over the next few months they will begin to take form and take shape because I desire to awaken a sleeping Bride. Awake! Awake! For I desire to use you to establish My glory.

Over the next 90 days I am going to awaken a people. I am going to awaken them to their destiny – to their birthright. I am going to awaken them
Awareness and Self Determination

In the common world, people often overloaded with information and advice. It seems every corner you turn; someone is trying to tell you how to build awareness and self-determination. 

With all the advertisements and information is often hard to decide what you must listen to. When it comes to assessing the self however, the vast majority of people find it difficult task. This is also one of the prime reasons why most of the people disregard it as a frivolous activity with no positive outcomes
Building Self Esteem

Self esteem is your own personal view of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Everyone has a different view of themselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more than a negative one.  Many individuals suffer from low self esteem for a variety of reasons and need to build their self esteem in order to succeed in life.  

Remember, the only one who can make you excel is you and no one else.  The same goes for self esteem.  The only person who can build up—or consequentially tear down—your self esteem is you.  Although
Angel:The Ministry Of Angels. Never Worry That You Are Bothering Your Angels. 
God's True Angels Are Egoless, Tireless, And Unlimited

You can’t bother angels or call upon them too much, because angels are pure energy of Divine Love. The word angel means “Messenger of God,” and our Creator made angels to help us to hear the messages that God is sending to us all. 

God’s angels are omnipresent, which means unlimited. They don’t have human bodies, so they can never get tired

Cornerstones of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something that all of us need if we have to do well in life.  It gives us the courage to face the most difficult of situations, something which cannot be said of people who lack self-confidence. They often break down in front of challenges.

The question, however, is how do you achieve self-confidence? You can do so if you define your tasks, and priorities, correctly. You then need to ask yourself as to how you can accomplish these tasks. A good strategy is to break your goals into smaller tasks. This makes the main task seem less daunting. You then need to pat yourself every time you reach a milestone. This increases your self-confidence, and makes it easy for you to achieve your goal
"Divine Power For Purpose – Let's Be Power Hungry For All The Right Reasons!"

God spoke these extremely exciting and electrifying words to me: "My people are becoming power hungry for all the right reasons!" Many in the Church are tired of business as usual, and they are not going to settle for mere talk. Paul states this very clearly:

"For the Kingdom of God is not based on talk but on power." 1 Corinthians 4:20 (AMP)

A desperate cry asking for revealed revelation of God's holy presence is coming forth from many in the Church

God's love is beyond human comprehension. It is not conditional neither is it jealous. God does not love us because we love Him; no He loves us because we are His workmanship. 

The created never have to love its creator to deserve its creator's love. But rather, the creator just loves His creation because He created it.So God loves us because He is our creator. 

He loves us. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to have the best and be the best. He wants us to be clean and excellent