Awake! Arise! Abound! You Have a Birthright!

I heard the Lord say, "I am about to break out across this nation. There is a break out about to take place across this land. There are pockets of revival being birthed across the nation. Over the next few months they will begin to take form and take shape because I desire to awaken a sleeping Bride. Awake! Awake! For I desire to use you to establish My glory.

Over the next 90 days I am going to awaken a people. I am going to awaken them to their destiny – to their birthright. I am going to awaken them
to the things they have forfeited and let go of for the sake of religiosity and for the sake of remaining comfortable.

"Where you have grown comfortable and have stayed the same," the Lord says, "I am awakening you and I am opening the doors of the cage for you to fly free. In this season where you have been held captive by finances and by sickness and you have been held captive by complacency," the Lord says, "I am opening the doors of the cage.

"In the next few days you will even begin to sense an awakening in your body. Where there has been a slumber and a sleeping and the inability to wake up," the Lord says, "I am about to renew your strength. I am about to strengthen you from the tip of your head to bottom of your toes. Where the fog has been there, the fog is lifting. I am causing you to awaken you to your destiny."

"So awake! Awake! O sleeper! Awake! For I desire for you to enter into the birthright which I have purchased you. When you were born again you entered into your inheritance. O taste and see that I am good. The cage doors are opening. It's time for you to fly.

Where there has been atrophy in your wings, I am renewing the muscles in your wings," says the Lord, "so that you may fly. Oh that you would fly."
"Let not your heart be troubled. You shall see the victory and those things which you have sought for diligently. You have been under much pressure, but I have removed the oppressor.

Surely I say unto you, you shall mount up in this season of time. You shall run and not be defeated. You shall walk and calm the roaring seas. You shall be a stronghold, for you have made Me your stronghold and have trusted in Me to bring those things which you have desired to come about. You shall see your enemies defeated."

See From a New Perspective

"That you would see from a new perspective. I am giving the Church a new perspective. I am giving them the perspective of Love. I am awakening you to the eyes of Love. That if you would see through My eyes, oh the things that you would see! If you'll see through my eyes, oh the things you will see. For I desire you to see through a new perspective," says the Lord, "I want you to see the things that I am doing. I want you to see from my point of view. I am calling you up and I am calling you higher."

"In this season I will bring fire and the things that you desire. I am calling you higher," says the Lord, "I am calling you higher. Do not vacillate on the ground any longer but come up to the high place. Come fly with Me. Come fly with Me. Come fly with Me. You are not earth bound, no, you are Heaven bound.

"In this season I will show you how to use the keys that I have given you. The keys of authority; the keys of breakthrough. Even in this season I will begin to assign the angelic to you like never before. The angelic will begin to take place in your life in a new form and fashion that you have never known before. You will begin to see, see, see," says the Lord.

"And My glory will cover the earth. There will not be a place that isn't touched with My glory. With the good news of My Gospel, there will not be a place is that isn't touched. For I desire to send you to the nations. Church of America – Arise, arise, arise to the height of your calling. For great is your calling, too long you have been asleep and much has gone on, but in this season you will wake up. Resurrection power is your inheritance," says the Lord.

by Jacob Biswell, Bryan, Texas

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