"Keys to Sustaining the Favor of God!"

Today I am led by the Holy Spirit to share with you prophetic keys that will open the new door that you are about to stand in front of. The Lord gave me a vision of a "ring full of keys."
These keys will not only open the door but will teach you how to sustain the favor of God in your new place of assignment. These keys will teach you how to sustain the glory of the Lord in your life. These keys are the very foundation the Lord is laying for you to build your life upon. These keys will cause an acceleration to take place.
The implementation of these keys will propel you forward. The Lord has been releasing a new fragrance of His presence. There is an aroma to the anointing that brings favor and prosperity. Some of you have never smelled the fragrance but in this season you will!
The new fragrance of His presence smells like honey!
Don’t Look Down On Yourself

Psalm 40:3 says, “He has given me a new song to sing…” Have you heard voices of failure? When you lost your job, flunked the exam, or dropped out of school? When your marriage went south…when you failed? The voices began to howl—and you joined them! Failure finds us all.

Bookstores overflow with volumes on how to succeed. But you’ll look a long time before you find a section called, “How to Succeed at Failing.” Maybe no one knows what to say. But God does. His book is written for failures. David was a moral failure, yet God used him. Elijah was an emotional train wreck after Mount Carmel, but God blessed him. Perfect people? No. Perfect messes? You bet. Yet God used them. A surprising and welcome discovery of the Bible is this: God uses failures!

Don’t look down on yourself. God sees you as a mighty man of valour – you really are.
Your Hope In Life

Jesus claimed to be able to forgive sins—a privilege only God can exercise! In Matthew 12:6-42, Jesus claimed to be greater than Jonah, Solomon, Jacob, and even Abraham! He commanded people to pray in his name. He claimed that all authority in heaven and on earth had been given to him. Does a decent fellow say things like this? No, but a demented fool does.

But honestly, could a madman do what Jesus did? People didn’t just respect Jesus. They liked him; they left their homes and businesses and followed him. Men and women have tethered their hope to his life; passionate men like John, careful men like Thomas, and impulsive people like Peter. 

Jesus transformed common dockworkers and net casters into the authors of history’s greatest book and founders of its greatest movement. What will Jesus do with you?
Let’s Love Unquenchably

Let us each lead a life stirring enough to cause a movement! Let’s love unquenchably, dream unfalteringly, and work unceasingly. Let us close our ears to the manifold voices of compromise and perch ourselves on the branch of truth. Let’s champion the value of people, proclaim the forgiveness of God, and claim the promise of heaven.

Let’s start a movement of hope! A movement comes of age when one life harvests the seeds planted by countless lives in previous generations. A movement occurs when one person, no greater or lesser than those who’ve gone before, lives a forceful life in the fullness of time.

Let’s live lives stirring and forceful enough to cause a movement. Will the movement come in our generation? I hope so. But even if it doesn’t, even if we never see it, it will occur. And we will be part of it.
The Highest Authority

The Scriptures say “Jesus sustains everything by the mighty power of his command” (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus has unimpeachable authority. The Roman government tried to intimidate him. False religion tried to silence him. The Devil tried to kill him. All failed!

Jesus is the command center of the galaxies. He occupies the Oval Office. He stopped the waves with a word.  He spoke and a tree withered. He spoke again and a basket became a banquet. Jesus said in Matthew 11:27, “All things have been handed over to me by my Father.”

All things includes Satan. Jesus outranks him in every situation. He must obey Jesus, and he knows it. The Bible says that prayers offered in the name of Jesus have “divine power to demolish strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).  Is  Satan setting up a stronghold in your life? Lift up a prayer and unleash the demolition power of Jesus!
Faith For Hard Times

On the one hand, there seems no living advantage in having faith - to give up our lives that God might 'control' us. But, on the other hand, there is one thing for which faith is indispensable. When life turns against us, which it inevitably does.

Faith is indispensable when life spits at us through the teeth of rejection. The saliva of denunciation is humiliating, but faith makes it possible to take the next step as if we were never more accepted (and through Jesus, we are!).

Faith is obligatory when we have no sane choice other than step into the unknown in the belief that God is good and won't let us down.