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1. When Kingdoms Clash by Cindy Trimm

Strategies for Prayer in the Heat of Battle.
Harness the atomic power of prayer.
The front lines of the clash between the kingdoms of darkness and light do not usually happen in our churches; they happen in our lives--in our workplaces, neighborhoods, where our children go to school, in our voting booths, and in the halls of influence. Our churches should be places of equipping and coordinating, but then we have to take this fight to the streets through daily prayer.
When Kingdoms Clash takes you from the planning stages and strategies of prayer into the heat of the battle, showing you how to stand strong when things get intense. Using historical illustrations and teaching from Scripture, Cindy Trimm provides the tools you need to understand the power of prayer as never before.
Battles are raging and the stakes are high; only through prayer will God’s kingdom prevail.

2. Church That Works by Gary L. McIntosh

Your one step resource to effective ministry.
The expertise of veteran church consultant and best-selling author Gary McIntosh is now available in an easily portable format. McIntosh offers readers his invaluable insights on the church in order to help leaders make their churches more effective. It's just like hiring your own church consultant, but at a fraction of the cost. This at-a-glance practical guidebook helps pastors and church leaders with a wide variety of issues, including:

- Reaching different generations.
- Assimilating visitors.
- Following trends.
- Designing worship.
- Danger signs of decline.

And much more!

Short, to-the point chapters examine trends and ministry methods that can be easily adapted to fit every church's needs.

3. Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses by Ron Rhodes


Clear Explanations for the Difficult Passages.

Do you wonder what some bible verses mean?

The instruction and wonder of the Bible can be clouded when readers are uncertain about the meaning of some verses. Bible scholar and popular author Ron Rhodes (more than 1 million copies in combined sales) draws on his many years of studying and teaching Scripture to empower readers with knowledge, background, and truth. With clear and helpful explanations, Rhodes:

- Identifies the most troublesome verses.

- Reveals important principles to help interpret them.

- Addresses the stumbling blocks from Genesis to Revelation.

- Helps readers become familiar with God's message.

- Clarifies the different literary genres of the Bible.

Whether read to satisfy curiosity, pursue deeper Bible study, or prepare for discussions with non-believers, this practical resource will open up the promises and meaning of God's Word and gives readers confidence in all of Scripture.

4. The Principles and Power of Vision with Study Guide
Individuals need it. Corporations need it. Nations need it. All successful organizations need it. What is it? A clear vision.

It has been said, "Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare." Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart. There is no greater source of hope and confidence than that of vision.

Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality. Through The Principles and Power of Vision, you will

Discover your purpose in life.
Understand why vision is essential to your success.
Grasp the keys necessary for fulfilling your life's dream.
Develop a specific plan for achieving your vision.
Overcome obstacles to your vision.
The Book is accompanied by a guide book which can be used for either individual or group study.

5. The Complete Evangelical Parallel Bible KJV, NKJV, NIV & NLTse Flexisoft Leather - Brown-Tan
Students of Scripture love to compare how translators have understood the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts to see if they can discover deeper meanings, or simply ask more pertinent questions. Four of the most popular versions have been placed in parallel columns—KJV, NKJV, NIV (2011 update text), and NLT—so all can take copious notes.
Four Popular Translations
King James Version (KJV)—The dignified, poetic language of this word-for-word translation has made it the favorite of countless readers for over four centuries.
New International Version (NIV) (2011 Update Text)—Scholarly accuracy and easy readability combine to help you understand and apply the intended reading of the text.
New King James Version (NKJV)—A completely updated translation that's faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV, using contemporary and readable language.
New Living Translation (NLT)—A more consistent rendering of ancient terms into their modern English equivalents brings clarity, along with marginal notes that explain word choices.
Table of Weights and Measures
Gold page edges
Ribbon marker
8-point text size
10.00" x 7.00" x 2.50".

6. Passion to Business: How To Start A Profitable Business With What You Have₦1,000
Product Description
Starting your business, becoming self-employed, being a successful entrepreneur, turning your ideas, talents, experiences and hobbies into thriving businesses empires, is about seizing opportunities. It’s about creating organizations to pursue your ideas, values and the opportunities created by societal gaps. Therefore in this book you will discover:

·5 Ways To Identify Your Talent, Passion and Hobby

· How To Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams A Reality

· Your Vision and The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

· How To Set Up Your Business To Meet Your Life-Style Needs

· The 4 Pursuits An Entrepreneur

· How To Use Mobile Technology, Social Media and Blogging To Boost Your Business Profits

· And lots more.

7. U.S.A Visa Application Guidebook
Product Description
Visa application can be a complicated process without guidance and accurate information. This book will equip you with information relevant for a successful application whether your goal is to Visit, Live, Work, Study or Migrate.

8. Canada Visa Application Guidebook
Product Description
Visa application can be a complicated process without guidance and accurate information. This book will equip you with information relevant for a successful application whether your goal is to Visit, Live, Work, Study or Migrate to Canada.

9. 500 Cake Recipes
Product Description
A mouthwatering collection of traditional teatime treats, celebration cakes, luxurious gateaux and tarts, shown in over 500 photographs, it Features all the best-loved family bakes, from fudgy chocolate brownies, tempting muffins and crumbly cookies to melt-in-the-mouth scones, fruity tarts and chocolate gateaux.

10. Cakes And Cake Decorating
Product Description
Cakes and cake decorating is a two in one book pack which illustrates step by step ways to decorate a cake with over 600 pictures and illustrating. this books helps to introduce the professionalism into your work.

11. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Beading; Making Jewelry: A Practical Visual Handbook
Product Description
A practical visual handbook of traditional and contemporary techniques, including 175 creative projects shown step by step.
A fantastic crafter's compendium of creative and original projects, featuring 175 unique handcrafted personal and home accessories to make.
Learn the techniques of beadwork, machine embroidery, leatherwork, feltmaking, ra rug-making, ribboncraft, enameling, wirework, metawork, clay, mosaics and glass, papercrafts and woodwork.
Features a fascinating history of each craft together with a gallery of inspirational work by leading craftspeople.
Classic and contemporary projects to suit every level of ability and taste as well as every decorative style.
More than 1700 stunning photographs show every instructional stage and each inspirational piece.

12. Cake Decorating Step-By-Step
Product Description
Sensational cakes for any occasion made easy. From how to bake fantastic bases to creating fabulous finishes with all types of icing, frosting and covering.

13. Baking Book - Hardcover Edition
Product Description
Baking: Breads, Muffins, Cakes, Pies,Tarts, Cookies(HARDCOVER)
With about 550 pages of various step by step recipes on baking, this Hardcover edition is a one to tressure.
It has over 400 recipes with more than 1800 photographs.
Delicious cakes and family tea time favorites will tempt you to revive the art of traditional home baking.
Wonderfully illustrated with beautiful full color photographs.
Includes a section on breads and bread making - from everyday loaves to classic international specialties.
Every recipe shown in easy stages so you can see exactly what you are aiming to achieve.
Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: Lorenz Books (2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1844774449
Product Dimensions: 7 x 8.7 x 1.8 inches.

14. Fat Free, Low Fat 400 Recipes Cook Book
Product Description
The 400 recipes cook book, contains step by step recipes for cooking fat free and low fat diet, do you want to maintain that figure or lose weight and you dont know how to regulate that diet . This book is ideal

15. Amazon Kindle GuideBook
Product Description
This book details how you can make it as a book publisher on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. If you are a writer with good writing skills, then you can make money from your skills. What you stand to learn from this book:

. How you can start up as a book publisher on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

. How to Identify top-selling niche topics to boost your sales.

. How to format your book the right way to get accepted into KDP platform.

. Tips on how you can make your books sell fast.

16. Girl? or Boy? How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby
Product Description
Do You Want a Boy Child? Or a Girl?
Do you know you can determine the sex of your baby? And that you can achieve this through simple methods? You can choose to add a girl child if you have been searching for one or a boy child if that is your preference.
You dont have to continue gambling in the hopes of having your prefered child. This book contains a write-up and videos with proven techniques that are been used by women. With these you can get your heart desires met.
Don't wait one more minute to have it!

17. 30 Tough Interview Questions and the Best Answers that Win the Job   ₦1,400
Product Description
Nothing is more important to landing your dream job than performing excellently well at interviews. Thoughts of it alone gets your nerves all racked up as you are eager to put in your best and cinch that job.
You can achieve this when you prepare extensively for the interview with updated and revised questions and interview tips.
This E-book CD is a collection of several years of personal and experience in a Human Resource position. It contains questions that challenging and ones you can expect to encounter in an interview. Following each question is a list of detailed answers, which you easily modify to reflect your own experience level, skills, and qualifications.
What You Stand to Gain Buying this Ebook CD
                30 frequently asked interview questions and the best answers to them.
        9 mistakes applicants make during interviews and how to avoid them.
                13 things to do to get hired fast.
                Common CV mistakes.
                Sample CVs and cover letters.

    18. Great Business Ideas From Leading Companies Around The World
         Product Description
         Are you looking for a great idea or some inspiration to start a new venture or to help you     grow your existing business? This book contains 100 great business ideas, extracted from the world’s best companies. Ideas provide the fuel for individuals and companies to create value and success. Indeed the power of ideas can even exceed the power of money. One simple idea can be the catalyst to move markets, inspire colleagues and employees, and capture the hearts and imaginations of customers. This book can be that very catalyst. Each idea is succinctly described and is followed by advice on how such an idea can be applied to the reader’s own business situation. A simple but potentially powerful book for anyone seeking new inspiration and that killer application.

     19. How To Start Your Own Profitable Information Marketing Business
     Product Description
     The richest people on the planet today, are not those with 9-5 paying jobs. They are men and women who have faced and conquered their fears to own businesses.

     In this book you will discover what information marketing is all about, how to use it to multiply the profits of your offline business, why it is the fastest way to multiply your income, build your own business, sky rocket your career.

     20. Mini Importation Cash Flow - Redefined
   ₦3,000 + FREE DELIVERY
    Product Description
    If you want the Steps, Tools and Tactics necessary to forge an importation business behemoth…
    If you’ve bought courses teaching you how to have import success, yet… You don’t have that success…
    Keep reading.
    If you’re worried about getting scammed… Or about purchasing fakes that you cannot sell…
    If you’re worried that you’re not technically sound enough. Or that you don’t speak any Asian languages.
    Keep reading.
    Because, in a moment, you’re going to discover…
    Where And How
    You Can Import Any Items Directly From Manufacturers SAFELY, Cheaply, Quickly, In "3" Still-Highly-Secretive Websites
    For Unlimited Profits Starting With
    Just N15,000 To N20,000
    Guaranteed or your money back!
    You'll also DISCOVER:
    The exact simple but helpful TOOLS and tactics I'm using to communicate with suppliers easily
    How to get your product shipped, track shipments and confirm deliveries easily for a token
    How to sell your items quickly for unlimited profits partnering with Konga
   Tips to get your account approved FASTER at a single application and start selling on Konga for maximum profits
    A video that shows how to create a website and start your own mini e-Commerce site for your product (you are in total control of your business).
    How to own a verified Nigeria's IP PayPal to make payments for your products.
    And Lots More...

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