What are your plans for you and your family in this dwindling economy?

If your plan is to keep depending on your salary and meager earnings, then you are just deceiving yourself because that means you are depending on the economy, your employer or the government.

Those are two factors you cannot control.

What would you do if your employer or the government is bankrupt or doesn’t pay salary for a one year?

What would you do?

In life, the difference between the rich and the poor is how the utilize opportunities. A good example is the story of how facebook came about. Mark Zuckerberg, the sixth richest man in the world, invited five of his friends to his dorm room so he could share a business idea he had. Two out of the five showed up and the other three never came. Today, the rest is story as Mark and the other two who showed up are billionaires.

Today I want to present to you an opportunity that will transform your life in this dwindling economy. What you will do with it all depends on you (whether you will take action or not).
I’m presenting to you 20 businesses you can start right now, part-time or full-time and earn N80, 000 to N150, 000 monthly. I paid off my debt of N1.5 million after I started these businesses 5 months ago with just N20, 000.

Are you ready to take charge of your life and finances and decide for yourself (not your employer or the government deciding for you) how much money you make on a daily basis? Are you ready to start? Then you know you should grab this book now!

“Exposing the well-kept secrets of 20 booming multi-billion-naira businesses guaranteed to make you rich and revealing how you can also profit from it”.

The book comes with the following 13 bonuses.

a)   Information marketing: How to start and run a successful information marketing business in Nigeria that can make you N200, 000 monthly.

b)   Website designer and developer: Video tutorial on how to be a website designer and developer without having knowledge on programing.

c)   Mini import business: How to start a mini import business in Nigeria with N10, 000 and make N250, 000 within 30 days guaranteed.
d)   Online business: Easiest and fastest way to make money online from the comfort of your own home! Internet marketing Gurus blueprint.

e)   Domain Name Business: This is probably the most amazing business on the internet. Amazing in the sense that a single good domain name you acquire for just $10 could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars without additional work. Example: which cost less than $10 to register was sold for more than $1million.

f)    Recharge card printing: How to start a recharge card printing business with just a startup capital of N10, 000. A very profitable business.

g)   Laptop Repair Made Easy: Through this guide, you will learn the act of professional laptop repair. I estimate that in just 3hours you will gain high ended skills that will help you on your path to professional laptop repair.

h)   Millionaire Book Strategy: The 4 undisclosed secret of making mega cash using simple book strategies. I am about to show you how to buy books online for as low as $0.05 and have them shipped here for just $3 and the same book can be sold anywhere in Nigeria making at least 200% profit of any invested money.

i)     Loans: How to get Loans to finance any business of your dream. In this manual, you will learn how and where to get loans to finance your business.

j)    Football Betting Revelator: Make money betting. It’s easier than you think. You can           earn N50, 000 per month betting on football…guaranteed! Get started now.

k)   25 ways to make money with your phone: This comprehensive, self-explanatory book shows you 25 different but genuine ways to make money with your phone. Your phone is a money-spinning tool; learn how to use it to make money now!

l)     SFI: Show to grow a second income: Start your own business! If you’re thinking that you could benefit from an extra chunk of change each month, but are not sure how to get started, don’t fear. In this book, I have shared expert knowledge about SFI on how to best utilize your skills to create a second income stream that works for you.

m) Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Learn how to create money. Lately, I've been hearing so much about how baby boomers can't afford to retire, how people are buried in debt, the struggles families are having just making ends meet and so on and so on. The real problem here, the big thing stopping most people is that they believe there's nothing they can do about it. In the following pages, I will share distinct pathways you can follow to increase your income, whether or not you have a product or service, online or off, with or without specific skills and with little or no money to begin. Sound crazy? Maybe but I'll tell you this: I've done all of these myself.

How to Buy the Book

Click the BUY NOW button above or preferably, just make the payment N2,000  through cash deposit, online transfer, or cheque to:
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Account Number: 0203032519

Once you make the payment, send me email to [] or take your phone and send SMS to 08113928930 / 08131974199 including
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The moment we receive your SMS and confirm your payment online, the eBook will be delivered into your email box (in PDF format) within 10 minutes.
All the eBooks are in PDF and downloadable from your email inbox. You can read it on your computer/pad/phone or you print it out as a book.

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