"Keys to Sustaining the Favor of God!"

Today I am led by the Holy Spirit to share with you prophetic keys that will open the new door that you are about to stand in front of. The Lord gave me a vision of a "ring full of keys."
These keys will not only open the door but will teach you how to sustain the favor of God in your new place of assignment. These keys will teach you how to sustain the glory of the Lord in your life. These keys are the very foundation the Lord is laying for you to build your life upon. These keys will cause an acceleration to take place.
The implementation of these keys will propel you forward. The Lord has been releasing a new fragrance of His presence. There is an aroma to the anointing that brings favor and prosperity. Some of you have never smelled the fragrance but in this season you will!
The new fragrance of His presence smells like honey!

The Key of Honor
The first key to sustaining the favor of God in your life is the key of honor. Honor sustains everything in your life. Honor is a lifestyle. Without honor the glory of the Lord lifts. Without honoring other individuals in your life you lose influence. Your ability to lead is equal to the amount of honor you are willing to show others.
Honor others with your words. Let them know how much they are blessing you. Prefer them before yourself, even if you are their boss. Put them before yourself. How you treat others is a seed to how you will be treated. I rather be respected and loved than feared. There is no need to scare people into submission by threatening them. If you honor them the culture you create will open doors for you to go even further and last even longer.
The Key of Gratitude
The second key is the key of gratitude. What you are grateful for will increase. Thanksgiving and praise open miracle doors. They also accelerate the release of heavens gifts for you. Humility and meekness is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of quiet strength. You have to know when to be bold and when to be quiet.
Train yourself to be grateful. Write a list of how many things in your life you are grateful for. Bring the list before the Lord. This will cause a shift in your attitude. A haughty spirit and pride leads to the fall. A sense of entitlement will block the blessings from the Lord.
There is a difference between entitlement and expectancy. You can expect good things to happen. Sometimes it is something as simple as adjusting the tone of your voice. Become aware of how you are coming across to other individuals. Are you always anxious? Are you always sad? Are you always making jokes and can't be taken seriously?
The Key of Remembrance
The third key is the key of remembrance. Never take for granted where you are. Remember how faithful the Lord has been to you. Remember the pit He called you out of. Remember how He gave His only Son so you could have eternal life. Remember the times when He came through. God is never late. He isn't early. He is always on time. He shows up exactly when He needs to. His timing isn't our timing but we know He uses all things for good.
Sometimes we blame God because of other people's decisions. God doesn't have puppets. He has given every individual a free will. If they chose to leave you there was nothing that you could have done. If they chose to fire you that season is over. It's time to move on. God can do it again and this time with the right people!
Walk through the door that God has opened for you now!

By Rene Picota
Rene Picota Ministries

Rene Picota has an apostolic mandate from God to bring change to the world. He loves to encourage people to step into their destiny and dream bigger dreams with God. His passion is to raise up leaders and release them into their calling by teaching them how to tap into their divine flow and discover their true identity. The atmosphere of Heaven manifests everywhere he ministers.

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