God's love is beyond human comprehension. It is not conditional neither is it jealous. God does not love us because we love Him; no He loves us because we are His workmanship. 

The created never have to love its creator to deserve its creator's love. But rather, the creator just loves His creation because He created it.So God loves us because He is our creator. 

He loves us. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to have the best and be the best. He wants us to be clean and excellent

He wants us to excel and prosper. He delights in seeing us happy, merry and joyful. He plans no evil against us never wishes us any harm. 

He created every other thing ( including humans) for our enjoyment. God's love is open and unsecretive. He wants us to be free as air. No strings attached, no condition, no command. 

That is our God's love. OUR CREATOR.

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