Ever since I had a born-again encounter with Jesus, I’ve had a deep, personal relationship with him. I know Jesus as an unconditional loving teacher, guide, and healer. I seek his guidance when I’m writing or speaking to an audience and for my personal life. I realize that some people unfortunately associate Jesus with hurtful experiences with organized religion; or with guilt or fear; or with patriarchal male energy; or as a mythical compilation of ancient sun deities.

Jesus isn’t a religion, he’s real and present for all who ask. He helps and loves everyone equally who calls upon him without judgment. He is non-denominational and
a loving guide to all. In fact, he is the hardest-working and most available ascended master of them all.

It’s wise to partner with Jesus for guidance, healing, and comfort, especially now with all of the uncertainty in the world. I sincerely believe that if everyone on this planet developed a personal relationship with Jesus, that this world would be the gentle place that we all pray for.

He is the Comforter who is here to guide you. If you are worried or upset about something, Jesus wants you to let go of your fear and worry because “He is always by your side”. Let’s meditate on his words together.

Dig deep inside you to feel what is bothering you, pin it down, accept it and exhale it out of your mind. Jesus loves you and knows that everything will work out for you with a little bit of faith. You’ll get through it together. Let Jesus support you and fill your heart with love.

Anytime you feel stressed, depressed or are just looking for spiritual guidance, pray and read the bible to receive loving words from Jesus. He is always with you and here to guide you.

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