Why People Have No Faith Today

Faith is actually one of the strangest and strongest emotions of people. Faith is really important for us to grow our spirituality. Faith is mostly defined as the belief at something that doesn’t rest on material evidence or on logical proof. Thereby, the source of faith lies not within the human mind that always require evidence and logical explanations, but it lies on the “sixth sense” or “intuition” as well as “gut feeling” that always seem to have no any reason at all.
Losing Faith

Faith is synonymous to trust, however the degree of the latter is even much higher as compared to faith. Trust is mostly recognized with every person whereas faith contains much wider range or spectrum and this may include inanimate creation of human such as religions, principles, etc.
Therefore, thinking through its definition, faith
appear as an opposite to science since the very foundation of science is always laid on material or tangible evidence and logic.

Faith is also an emotional state of an individual that uses intuition in order to believe on others or something that you cannot see instead of seeking for proof or evidence. Faith is about believing into something that you cannot actually see. It is believing that something is present even with no tangible evidence is present.

Because of the real nature of faith, many people refuse to believe at some things that they can’t see or feel. One of the main reasons why many people are being so unfaithful these days is due to fact that they are searching for material evidence or tangible proofs. They refuse to believe because they cannot see it and there will be no one who can manifest the truthfulness of everything.

In today’s life, everything seems to be defined by science; that everything in this world has a scientific reason; that the world was not created by someone. When people got sick and die, it is not because it is their time to die but because their body becomes so weak or the doctors weren’t good enough to heal that person. People have no faith today also because of science and they don’t accept that there is someone superior above who has the power over everything in this world.

However, there are also some people who once believed and have been faithful, but due to their personal experiences, their faith wavered until they don’t believe anymore. Oftentimes, people wonder why God doesn’t bless them even when they have really been faithful to Him.

They are starting to cry out load to God for the things they want to nothing really happen. Because of these circumstances, people start to refuse to believe. They start to think that there is no loving God who can give them the things that they want. However, you have to keep in mind that there is also a test of faith.

Faith is also about believing even though things seem to fall apart. If some things are falling apart, continue to be faithful and you will be happy and blessed.

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