Have you ever heard someone exclaim “wow”? If you check, the exclamation must have come out of excitement, expressing astonishment or admiration.

Whenever someone encounters something that is admirable, outstanding, out-of-the-ordinary, a sensational success, they always exclaim wow in excitement.

It is possible to live the wow life all the time. The Bible tells us in the book of Mathew 4:4-10, that Jesus was taken by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the
devil. The devil approached Him and tempted Him three times, and Jesus overcame him three times.

Jesus didn’t overcome him with fantasy or enticing words, but with words that on a closer look empowers us His own to live the wow life.

The first response of Jesus focuses on the WORD.

The second response of Jesus focuses on OBEDIENCE.

The third response of Jesus focuses on WORSHIP.

The first letters of Jesus focus spells “wow”. This is a joyous, wonderful, glorious exclamation.

If you follow this glorious principle of Jesus, by living every day of your life, in the WORD, in OBEDIENCE, in WORSHIP, you will have a glorious existence, and your life will be a WOW!!!!!!


  • Study the WORD daily. Aside your daily devotion, follow a good Bible reading plan and read the Bible daily so as to read it from Genesis to Revelation or Mathew to Revelation. Eat the WORD.
  • Live your life in OBEDIENCE to God’s Word. Do what He wants you to do and don’t do what He does not want you to do. Obey Him in all things. God rewards the obedience.
  • Our God deserves our WORSHIP. He wants nothing from us but worship. Give Him your true worship, your total worship. God can’t resist a true worship.

If you live by this rules, you will realize, just as the life of Jesus was and is still a wow life, your life shall also be a wow life. Men will love you and above all God will love you.

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